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        2. CEC awarded supervision assignment for G228 Binhai Highway Cangzhou Section BHZJ—Our first project in Xiongan New Area

          Time:2019-11-26 【Size:Big In Small

          Xiongan New Area, a millennial plan of national significance. With global vision, the central government aim to build Xiongan a world-class, green, ecological and livable new city as well as a leader in both innovation and open development. Hunan Changshun Project Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CEC signed the supervision service contract of G228 Binhai Highway Cangzhou Section BHZJ located in Xiongan New Area on Nov. 25, 2019. It is a first-class highway with four lanes in each direction, total length of 66.372km and design speed of 80km/h, having one super large bridge, 10 large bridges, 13 medium bridges, 8 small bridges and 98 culverts. Being a supporting project for Xiongan’s accessing to the sea, G228 Binhai Highway Cangzhou Section BHZJ forms an important part of the project to build a fast, green and effective transportation network for Xiongan New Area.  


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