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        2. Party Building Work

          Corporate Party organization consistently keep in line with the Party Central Committee and comply with the party constitution; do the essential work for party construction based on the strong social responsibility and mass line.

          Bear in mind the Chinese socialism ideology in new era, implement new development idea, promote ecological civilization construction, stick to strategy of innovation-driven development, enable party construction and corporate development go hand-in-hand, and persistently strive for the Chinese Dream.


          The good political landscape nowadays shows the effect of comprehensive strengthening work of Party discipline.

          Always keep quality of the project at top priority; always see the safety issue a line that can never be crossed.


          Social responsibility

          By sharing its development achievements with the society and always  bearing its mission as an state-owned enterprise, CEC well balance its corporate social, environmental and economic responsibility and thus present its patriotism.

          Take the lead in post-disaster aid reconstruction

          Targeted poverty alleviation to achieve all-round well-off


          Volunteer & public benefit activities (charity run, book & old clothes donation, visit nursing home for the aged, visit poor villages)


          Unite for flood-fighting and emergency rescues


          Caring donation and help those in distress


          Our Staff

          Under the leadership of the party committee, the company's trade unions, the Communist Youth League and other group organizations forged a strong vitality and cohesiveness of employees with colorful cultural and sports activities to enhance employees' sense of well-being. Inclusive corporate culture allows employees to innovate and create self-confidence and grow with the company