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        2. China CEC Engineering Corporation (CEC for short), formerly named Changsha Designing Institute of Light Industry P. R. China, was founded in 1953, being one of the first established large-scale design institutes in China. After reorganization in December 2002, CEC has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of China HAISUM Engineering Co., Ltd of Sino Light Corporation of China Poly Group under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China, with registered capital of RMB 50 million.

          CEC provides engineering design, engineering consultation, project supervision and project general contracting (EPC) for various industries like pulp and paper, power generation, new energy and environmental protection, salt and salt chemical industry, household appliances, food, building, municipal works and etc. CEC possesses Grade A Qualification Certificate of Engineering Design, Grade A Qualification Certificate of Project General Contracting(EPC), Grade A Qualification Certificate of Engineering Consulting, Grade A Qualification Certificate of Project Cost Consultation, Grade B Qualification Certificate of electrical power industry (thermal power, new energy), Grade B Design Qualification Certificates of Chemical industry, machinery, market grain, landscape, Grade B Qualification Certificates of Urban Plan making , Design License of Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipeline, qualification certificate of Project Construction Supervision, as well as Foreign Trade Right and Overseas Project Contracting Qualification. In 2007, CEC passed ISO14001 Environment Management System and GB/T28001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System authentications. CEC owns more than 60 patents, which are widely used in projects. CEC was approved as high-tech enterprises in 2008.

          CEC has gathered a large number of outstanding talents and technology resources and now employs more than 1500 people, among which 6 experts enjoy State Special Subsidies, 82 senior engineers at professor level, 215 senior engineers and more than 500 people acquiring state-registered qualifications.

          CEC has been engaged in engineering consultation and design for over 60 years and accomplished more than 3,000 projects of engineering consultation, engineering design, project contracting or project supervision in 31 domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions and overseas such as in Algeria, Eritrea, Tunis, Jordan, Egypt, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, the United States of America, India, Indonesia, Belarus etc. CEC’s market share and core competitive power are in the leading position of light industry such as pulp & paper making, salt refining & salt chemicals, household appliances etc.

          Since awards for design excellence began in 1982, CEC has won over 200 awards by the state, ministry or province. Among them, Hunan Yuanjiang Paper Mill and Chongqing Zhaofeng Ceramics Factory won Gold Medals of national excellent design. Qingdao Haier Refrigerator Factory, White Board Project of Zhuhai Hongta-Renheng Paper Co., Ltd , LWC Paper Project of Yunyang Paper Group and Zhongyan Jintan Salt Chemical Industry Co., Ltd won Silver Medals of national excellent design. Art Paper Project of Suzhou Papyrus Paper Co., Ltd. and Second-Phase Special Paper Project of Minfeng Group and Tissue Project of Shandong HengAn Paper Co., Ltd won Bronze Medals of national excellent design.

          The project general contracting of CEC covers project investment analysis, site selection, planning, technical and economic analysis, cost control, engineering design, procurement, construction, erection, start up, etc. With advanced project management ideas, many years of experiences, excellent project team as well as a wide range of partners, CEC is able to fully control and implement the project, makes high-quality engineering products with the best resources. As general (EPC)contractor, CEC has completed EPC(General) projects abroad such as in Myammar, Pakistan, Edypt, India,  Belarus etc as well as EPC projects in China such as Xiangfeng Paper , Ruifeng Paper, Huaqiao Phoenix Paper, and QingShan paper, CPMC,  Xinghui Paper Co., Ltd, among which, Myanmar YENI Pulp and Paper Project was awarded a Golden-key prize in the fifth national excellent EPC Projects Awarding , Project of XiangFeng Paper Co., Ltd won Bronze-key Prize in the fifth national excellent EPC Projects Awarding and the first prize in the third excellent EPC project appraisement in light industry. EPC project of Ruifeng Paper Co., Ltd, won the second prize in the fourth excellent EPC project award in China light industry, General contracting project of Fujian Qingshan Paper Co., LTD., was awarded Bronze-key prize in the seventh national excellent EPC projects Award. Reclaimed Water Reuse Project of Nantong Economic and Tech. Development Zone won both Silver Key of Nationwide Excellent EPC Project Award and 1st Prize of Excellent EPC Project Award in Light Industry of 2016. 300,000t/a High-grade Coated White Paperboard Project of Jiangmen Xinghui Paper won both Bronze Key of Nationwide Excellent EPC Project Award and 1st Prize of Excellent Project Management Project Award in Light Industry of 2016.

          Wholly-owned subsidiary under CEC --" Hunan Changshun Project Management Co., Ltd” is an important part of the corporation service system, having comprehensive projects supervision qualification, Grade A qualification of bidding agent and highway supervision, now Changshun is a well-known brand enterprise in Hunan and Light industry supervision.

          Relying on many years’ resources accumulation and wide cooperation and communication with many well-known international companies, CEC has established strategic partnership and wide industry strategy alliances with the famous enterprises of this industry as well as formed win-win pattern based on financing platforms of financial institutions. Now CEC has developed into a scientific & technological enterprise which provides overall and whole process services for project construction by integrating engineering consultation, engineering design, cost control, supervision, project management and general contracting.

          CEC follows the principle of "Honesty, Preciseness, Innovation and High-efficiency", adheres to the values of satisfying customers as our central task, builds environment-friendly society as our own mission, keeps safety and health as our basic point and improves the image of the brand as our objective. CEC persists in efforts to offer high-quality technical services and engineering projects for customers both at home and abroad.