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          Chase the Dream and Win-win the Future

          With more than 60 year’s efforts and experience, CEC already has the capability to undertake EPC projects integrating consulting, design, procurement, construction, installation and startup. CEC has been constantly improving its system and building well-known brand to be in line with international practice since its establishment and will always do so in the future.

          CEC has been involving in so many industries that it set up industry alliances and established wide external-resources cooperation platform while competing and cooperating with peers and realizing win-win goal with customers. With its expertise and high reputation, CEC has set up the industry benchmark in pulp and paper, household appliances, salt refining, energy, food, new materials, civil construction etc. At the forefront of the industries, CEC has been integrating advanced technology and promoting the development of the industries.

          CEC persists in continuous innovation, self-perfecting and transcendence.

          Relying on internationalized project management concept, resourceful database, scientific information management system, highly-qualified technical and management talents, CEC has formed an effective and smooth internal collaboration channel and built a strong team with comprehensive competitiveness.

          CEC is committed to building an engineering enterprise with international competitiveness and realizing dreams together with its team and customers.